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59 - The number of references to the river Avon in Shakespeare's works.

26 - The number of those references which describe the river in flood (the Avon in flood was, and remains, a perilous thing).

24 feet - The height that the river rose in the summer of 1588, over a period of just 8 hours.

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Recent archeological work at Elizabethan theatre sites by the British Museum have shown that the groundlings (standing patrons) at Shakespearean plays enjoyed snacking on nuts, grapes, plums, elderberries, figs, cherries, and apples, as well as mussels, periwinkles, oysters, whelks and even cuttlefish.

108 - The number of plants alluded to in Shakespeare's plays.

60 - The number of species of birds referenced in the plays.

50% - The approximate number of Shakespeare's plays that had been published (in smaller, 'quarto' versions) prior to the First Folio.

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There are a number of plays that we might otherwise have lost but for the First Folio. These include Antony and Cleopatra, Macbeth, Twelfth Night and Coriolanus.

7 - The number of years after Shakespeare's death that the comprehensive First Folio was published.

4 - The number of folios published in the 17th century; 1623 (the First Folio), 1632, 1663, 1685.

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